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Cian Analytics

Analyst | 637 Views

Personal Interview had a mix of HR and technical questions The HR questions were the usual ones that you would encounter in all the interviews nbsp The first question was about me They asked me about my family background and my family values They also asked me about my positive ...


Management Trainee | 3506 Views

This interview was the HR interview nbsp The interviewer asked me questions like lsquo Tell me about yourself rsquo and lsquo What are your strengths and weaknesses rsquo and rsquo How are you working in order to improve upon your weaknesses rsquo The company had arrived in the campus on ...

Midas IT Co Ltd.

Profile Not Known | 1776 Views

One must be prepared to answer any question related to core subjects while applying in a core company for instance if a company wants to recruit candidates as structural engineers then the company need not necessarily ask questions related to structural engineering only They would quite certainly ask you any ...


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Deepak Nanwani writes,

Taking Up An Analytics or Consulting Job?

1893 Views | Rating: NA
Are you planning to take up a job in Analytics or Consulting? Read this post to know about a few things you should consider before taking up the job.
Deepak Nanwani writes,

Life In An IT Consulting Firm

2112 Views | Rating: NA
Not sure what is IT consulting? Or about the kind of work you would be doing if you joined one? Well, this blog will help you get an insight.
Nikhil Grover writes,

Working in the US vs working in India

2551 Views | Rating: 7
Ever considered the option of working outside India? Get to know about the differences between working in India and US from someone who has done both.


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