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Indus Insights

Consultant | 3564 Views

Round Around students got shortlisted for the next round of selection process which was held in December This round was based on ldquo guesstimate rdquo problems I was asked to calculate the total annual revenue of McDonalds in India No other data was given Use of calculator was not permitted ...

Ernst and Young

Audit Analyst | 3652 Views

The interview was like any other company where they discussed about me through some HR questions and then discussed some specific topics with me Some questions which I remember from the interview were What is your favorite subject and questions related to it When do you wish to pursue MBA ...

ISGEC Heavy Engineering

Profile Not Known | 1572 Views

The final round was an interview The interview was light and was mostly based on my main subjects which were vibrations and solid mechanics In solid mechanics they asked me about bending moments and shear force diagram for beams They also asked me few theoretical questions I was also asked ...


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Deepak Nanwani writes,

Taking Up An Analytics or Consulting Job?

2010 Views | Rating: NA
Are you planning to take up a job in Analytics or Consulting? Read this post to know about a few things you should consider before taking up the job.
Deepak Nanwani writes,

Life In An IT Consulting Firm

2276 Views | Rating: NA
Not sure what is IT consulting? Or about the kind of work you would be doing if you joined one? Well, this blog will help you get an insight.
Ayush Agrawal writes,

Schlumberger Internship Experience

3263 Views | Rating: NA
Anyone aspiring for an internship at Schlumberger, this internship experience will be a great read.


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