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Texas Instruments

Digital Design Engineer | 802 Views

There were rounds in which they asked me both HR questions as well as core field related question They asked me to describe myself as well as tell them about my strengths and weaknesses They also asked me about working in the southern part of India and my views on ...

Nestle India

Graduate Engineer Trainee | 3430 Views

The next round of the selection process was an interview The interview was a mix of technical and HR questions Nestle does put a lot of stress on family background of the candidate Also they often ask questions like ldquo Why don rsquo t you go for MBA rdquo or ...


Profile Not Known | 1178 Views

Round Personal Interview In the interview I was asked some programming questions and some puzzles Some of the puzzles were If there are coins out of which are of the same weight and the remaining one with slightly different weight then how to determine the odd coin in three lsquo ...


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Marketing as a career choice

1918 Views | Rating: NA
Find out if a career in Marketing is suitable for you.
Nikhil Grover writes,

Working in the US vs working in India

2665 Views | Rating: 7
Ever considered the option of working outside India? Get to know about the differences between working in India and US from someone who has done both.
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Preparing for questions related to your skill

2827 Views | Rating: NA


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