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Deloitte Consulting India

External Auditor | 792 Views

This was followed by a personal interview It included the HR questions which included tell me about you your strengths and weaknesses why should the company choose you and how are you more suitable than other candidates Besides this they also asked Why do you want to join Deloitte The ...

Indus Insights

Consultant | 3702 Views

Round Around students got shortlisted for the next round of selection process which was held in December This round was based on ldquo guesstimate rdquo problems I was asked to calculate the total annual revenue of McDonalds in India No other data was given Use of calculator was not permitted ...

Tata Motors

Graduate Engineer Trainee | 1375 Views

The panel began asking questions from my resume I had written German as one of the languages I knew So they asked me questions related to German language They asked me words and their meanings They then asked me simple technical questions I had written my interest as Solid mechanics ...


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Amandeep Singh writes,

Bonjour France!

2301 Views | Rating: 9
Learn more about working and studying in France from someone who has already done so.
Deepak Nanwani writes,

Different Types of Consulting Firms

2338 Views | Rating: NA
Get to know more about different types of consulting firms and the roles that they offer.
Admin writes,

'I did' vs 'we did'

2238 Views | Rating: NA


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