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Capital One Financial Services

Analyst | 2553 Views

Round Case study round The first round was a case study round held in the month September three months prior to the actual placement process This interview lasted for approximately minutes It dealt with the break even analysis of a credit card company rsquo s marketing and promotion campaign The ...

Ernst and Young

Audit Analyst | 648 Views

There were two interview rounds and in that they asked me HR questions and some core field related questions HR questions like what are your goals what do you value in your life where do you see yourself in next five years and questions about my views on relocation and ...

Texas Instruments

Digital Design Engineer | 839 Views

There were rounds in which they asked me both HR questions as well as core field related question They asked me to describe myself as well as tell them about my strengths and weaknesses They also asked me about working in the southern part of India and my views on ...


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Ayush Agrawal writes,

Schlumberger Internship Experience

3319 Views | Rating: NA
Anyone aspiring for an internship at Schlumberger, this internship experience will be a great read.
Kulvinder Tuteja writes,

Working at Tribal Fusion

2073 Views | Rating: 10
An insider's view point about working at Tribal Fusion.
Deepak Nanwani writes,

Is this the right job for you?

2516 Views | Rating: 10
Aspirations can often lead people to dissatisfaction – this is a lesson that we all must keep in our minds when we start looking out for our first jobs.


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