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Robert Bosch

Profile Not Known | 1873 Views

The company conducted a shortlisting process based on the resume The requirement for an electrical engineering student to get shortlisted was a project in control systems and data structures The company had also initially kept a CGPA cut-off of but due to lesser number of applications they relaxed the CGPA ...

Futures First

Trader | 1374 Views

After the written test there were two sets of personal interview taken by two different panels They were checking my personality and my ability to fit into their team They asked me about my extra-curricular activities and how it has shaped my thought process and my personality They were really ...

Rio Tinto

Reliability Engineer | 1319 Views

Round Telephonic Interview This was held prior to the visit of the company to the campus Through the telephonic interview they wanted to know what all we knew about the company What Rio Tinto really does and the areas of operation were the main points of discussion Round Personal Interview ...


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Admin writes,

The Phenomenon of "Job Satisfaction"

1862 Views | Rating: NA
When do you know if it is the right time to quit your current job?
Ayush Agrawal writes,

Schlumberger Internship Experience

3156 Views | Rating: NA
Anyone aspiring for an internship at Schlumberger, this internship experience will be a great read.
Nikhil Grover writes,

Working in the US vs working in India

2614 Views | Rating: 7
Ever considered the option of working outside India? Get to know about the differences between working in India and US from someone who has done both.


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